Essence of the Elements

XNA GameStudio 4.0 Puzzle Platformer
  • Course: GDEV 190 - Introduction to Game Development
  • Timeline: 2.5 months, late February 2011 through May 2011.
  • Technology: C#, XNA Game Studio 4.0
  • Genre: Puzzle Platformer
  • Team Members (in order of “hiring”): Taylor G., Diego N., Wade M.
  • Repository
  • Download (ZIP)

This was the first time that the class was offered to experiment with having multiple departments working together as well as testing a PvP-oriented class progression. The goal of the class was to pitch and then create a game while succeeding in not being voted out and slowly gaining more team members as the class continued. There was little formal instruction, mostly in the theoretical generic game design principles and various topics such as business administration, marketing, and artificial intelligence.

The elevator pitch of the game concept was a two-character puzzle platformer with Blizzard’s Lost Vikings as inspiration. The initial prototype of one and a half weeks of development was demonstrated on March 2nd, 2011, that secured placement through the next round of voting. The next presentation was on March 23rd, 2011. Each presentation had a minimum video time, which honestly as difficult to fill especially this early in the development process. The final presentation was on May 9th with a playable release to the entire class. Another version with improved levels and bugfixes was released the following day. This is the version available for download above.

SCAM Compiler

PL/0 or C-ish bison/flex compiler
  • Course: CSIS 435 - Compilers
  • Timeline: 3 months, late January 2011 through late April 2011.
  • Technology: C++, bison/flex
  • Team Members: Andrew Dahl, Sam S., Chris H.
  • Repository

Compiler written in C++, and eventually using bison+flex, that was developed during a PvE-oriented experimental CS degree Compilers course.

Features started with basic processing of integers/floats and orders of operation and later expanding into user input and output to eventually represent a bare-bones implementation of C including syntax. Final task was to change syntax to PL/0 which was completed entirely in the parser.

Graded based on progress from 0, F-, F, F+, E-, E, E+, D-, ..., A, A+ by adding additional features. Each step was incrementally tested and demonstrated to professor.


CSIS 440 chat client/server project.


A command-line client for interacting with "book" and "member" servers via XMLRPC calls.